Web Services

Hosting • Domains • Email • Maintenance

Providing a "one-stop" solution to your web needs.

Web hosting: We have our own dedicated managed server running the latest version of Plesk and protected by a Cisco firewall, managed cloud firewall and Bitdefender anti-virus. This means our hosted sites don't share the server with thousands of other memory hungry applications or unsuitable content, whats more we can configure your hosting to your own requirements. Need special server-side software installed? Need more disk space? Don't want to pay for disk space you're not using? No problem! And with the support of a dedicated managed team we can deal with problems as they arise and with a back-up run every night you know you're data is secure.

Email: We can also provide you with your own email accounts, either as part of your web hosting, on their own or on our holtuk.co.uk domain.

Domain Registration: We have applied to Nominet to become UK domain registrars. We can register your UK domain and ensure it's kept in good hands. We can also register and host .com, .org, .net and .eu domains (see domain-names terms).

Website Maintenance: We can assist you in keeping your website current. Generally if you need the odd photo changed, price updated or text changed it's all part of the hosting service, similarly keeping WordPress and the plugins all updated. If you have dynamically changing content we can keep ths site current, either as part of an ongoing contract or on an event by event basis,